Vote Yes on Ohio Issue 1 and 2

Vote Yes on Ohio Issue 1 and 2 on November 7th 2023

Vote Yes on Ohio Issue 1 and 2
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I'm not expecting to change many minds at this point, but screaming into the void is an important part of my mental health regiment.

Issue 1

Ohio Issue 1, Right to Make Reproductive Decisions Including Abortion Initiative (2023)
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A reminder that Ohio Revised Code will still apply. This means children aren't going to be popping abortions and gender re-assignment surgeries for fun like the opposition support might have you think.

This enshrines Roe V. Wade level protections (fetal viability) into the Ohio constitution and ensures that my wife and I will continue to have access to birth control regardless of the craziness of the Ohio Republican Trifecta.

Issue 2

Ohio Issue 2, Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2023)
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Medical Marijuana in Ohio is expensive and more or less a cash-grab versus something meant to help patients obtain alternative paths to relief: you just call a random doctor; tell them you have pain; and they give you a card.

The card and recommendation also get out of sync. It gets really confusing and causes problems with getting access to medication for legtimate patients.

Next summer, my doctor recommendation and State of Ohio registration will be over 90 days apart, forcing a gap in my ability to purchase recommended medications.

Michigan is also so close that many Ohioans take their money across the border and bring back what they need instead of enduring the high prices, limited availability, and inconsistent product availability that we get in Ohio.

You can literally get double (or more) product for the same pricing in Ohio without needing a medical card or recommendation. Just don't get caught bringing product back, I guess?

In a world that is clearly headed towards marijuana legalization and decriminalization, I hope Ohioans choose to not wait to be one of the last adopters in the country.

Plus, the 10% sales tax would bring in additional revenue we could clearly use for Ohio schools, roads, and services.

In Summary

Ohians: Vote Yes on Issue 1 and Issue 2 on November 7th, 2023.

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