My Last ER Trip (Ever)

Moving forward, I will be avoiding the emergency room at all costs - even if warranted - unless it's literally life or death.

My Last ER Trip (Ever)
Photo by Zhen H / Unsplash

The state of America's healthcare system is just utterly garbage compared to what is available in the rest of the world.

#expatlife is looking more affordable and better for my health

My hospital trip to the ER:

  • My wife's sister drove me there (I frantically asked people not to call a squad)
  • I waited for 10 minutes in the ER waiting room after checking in
  • I waited for 20 minutes for radiology
  • I spent 10 minutes in radiology where they took 2 x-rays
  • I spent 20 minutes waiting on follow up
  • Nobody even touched my hurt shoulder the entire time I was there
  • I left with an ice-pack and prescription I paid out-of-pocket to have filled
  • Instructions that assumed I had follow up support (no insurance)

So I was in the hospital for roughly an hour, and here's what I was billed:

  • $2,000 by the hospital
  • $185 by radiology
  • $1000 by some random company I have to confirm is actually legitimate

Over $2,000 (maybe even $3,000 if this scam company turns out legit) for a 1-hour trip to the ER where they took two x-rays to ensure it wasn't broken and sent me on my way.

Something needs changed, America. Vote better.

Quick update: The scam company is legit. Their doctor didn't even see me, but they were personally available - so I get to pay $985.00 for that doctor to not even see me.
$985.00 (Doctor cost) + $1700.00 (Facility cost) + $200 (Radiology cost) = 1 hour ER trip

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