Creating my own social media

Hi, I'm Patrick. You can learn a lot about me from my main website at

Creating my own social media
Anyone know the source of this so I can give credit?

This is actually my blog (weblog) that I have recently re-started (for the....nth time?) using the open-source Ghost web-application so I can maintain as much control over my social content as possible.

You'll find whatever is captivating me (for better or worse) as the topics of discussion here - so expect some blend of technology, space, hacking, and activism (hacktivism in words only.)

In a post Roe v. Wade world, I'm trying to ensure I have control over my own digital content and privacy when it comes to online publishing and social interactions.

Hopefully the security-risk of running my own infrastructure pays off.

I imagine a de-centralized world will eventually make it possible for even non-nerds to run their own online-ecosystem without the middleman of today taking their cut of their data, content, and earnings.

Welcome, to my personal online presence. (It's like the 90's again!)

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